TREND: Stripes + Florals

We all know that florals have been a big hit for quite some time now. Darker shades started popping up last winter, followed by soft, pastel shades of florals during the spring and summer. One thing that may not have been seen as often, however, is the combination of stripes and florals. Sometimes mixing a pattern with another pattern can be tricky, but if you stick with a couple of basic designs and throw in neutrals to complete the look, you can never go wrong.

Today's Fashionista, spotted on her way out of the fashion design studio, exemplifies the perfect balance of stripes and florals. Her cut-off denim shorts are a great pastel blue strip accompanied by a pale pink floral on top. Normally most Fashionistas would think to keep these pale shades of blue and pink for spring and summer wardrobes, but this Fashionista made the transition from summer to fall perfectly by pairing her shorts with dark neutrals. Her simple black ¾ shirt is a great way to balance the bold pattern of her shorts. Mixing in black accessories like her belt, sunglasses, and shoes, adds depth to this style.

While this Fashionista found a pair of shorts that already combine stripes and florals, it may be easier to find separate pieces such as this floral skirt from Forever21 paired with this striped cardigan from ModCloth. The darker colors in these pieces are perfect hues to match in the upcoming autumn months.

Summer is just about over, but don’t fret! You can still use the florals that you’ve loved wearing since the spring. Just throw in some stripes and a couple of basic neutral pieces, and you’ll be the best looking Fashionista/o on campus.

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