TREND: Structured Botanicals

With all the rain pouring down on New York City, it doesn’t seem like spring is coming at all. It’s been so dark, gloomy and ridiculously cold that it makes me wonder if I will ever see flowers bloom again. As I walk down the street, I saw this chic Fashionista and she gave me hope that spring will come eventually (if not, now!).

Today's Fashionista was wearing a cute light pink, almost neutral, pleated dress with gray tights and floral socks that made her look very spring-like. She topped it all off with a black fur-trimmed parka and a vintage-looking, nautical-themed messenger bag that reminded me of the structured bags that came down the runways of Jil Sander, Victoria Beckham and Micheal Kors during the recently concluded New York Fashion Week. Add it all up and she looks fresh as a daisy against the monochromes that we are so used to seeing this winter.

You can emulate her look by swapping your monochromatic pieces for softer and more romantic ones. Pick out your anything floral from the back of your closet and try incorporating it into your wardrobe. Whether that floral item that you have is a pair of socks or a dress, wear it as if spring is finally here! Don’t forget to mix it up with a structured bag like this one from Mulberry and before you know it, spring will have arrived already. 

Hint: You don't have to go to big name designers and brands just to find the right structired bag. Check out local vintage thrift stores to find one of a kind pieces. 

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