TREND: Summer? Fall? In-between Weather.

The weather’s confused and so are we. Is it fall? Summer? Please Mother Nature, make up your mind woman! If you’re like me, you are still white-knuckling those shorts in your closet, refusing to completely retire them for the next 8 months. If you’re also like me, you silently curse the early bitter temperatures on your walk to class at 8 am, only to be surprisingly greeted by a rush of heat when you emerge from your third class of the day at noon.

Not to worry my friends, you can still keep your summer loves in your closet…Mother Nature, we’re onto you! Solution? Layer up. This Fashionista’s outfit perfectly balances the weather’s state of delusion. Her choice of sheer leggings paired with a comfy green short caught my eye. Not only is she prepared for a sudden change in weather, she’s embracing fall while still remembering an endless summer.

A simple T-shirt under a grandpa cardigan is extremely versatile and gives options throughout your long day of shuffling around campus. To keep warm in the morning, throw on a lightweight scarf with a subtle floral pattern (for some added vintage flare) or one that has a neutral color so that the rest of the outfit isn’t overshadowed. Remember, less is more, so try to grab observers with one or two great pieces. For me, this Fashionista’s attention-getters were her broken-in messenger bag and killer riding boots. The more ancient the leather bag the better! It creates a look that is so vintage it hurts, in a good way.

A great pair of riding boots completes this outfit. The color ties everything together and the height of the boots adds length to her silhouette. On an even more stifling day, try a pair of your favorite flats or lace up a pair of Chuck Taylors.

Don’t be afraid to rock neutrals like navies and tans, and even deep reds. These colors scream everything we love about fall—pumpkin spiced lattes, changing leaf colors, and bold fashion of course.

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