TREND: Summer Safari

I wandered the steamy summer streets of Athens and was dismayed to see how virtually everyone has seemed to have given up their style for the sake of staying cool. After having enough of my visual fill of frumpy outfits, my hope was restored to me in this week's Fashionista. Though I found her playing speed scrabble with friends, she looked glamorously outfitted for an exotic adventure in a bedazzled safari-chic tunic. She kept the rest simple in cuffed denim and punctuated the ensemble with elements of red leather and a fabulous woven gold bag to match the tunic's sequin embellishments. The inspiration for her summer look? Her job. She works with kids at her local church, so she aims for attire that looks professional, but still youthful and trendy.

The polished khakis of safari style make it a great addition to any professional wardrobe. It is especially good for a summer job as these breezy khakis stay light and look effortless. Safari style translates well into a number of garments from jackets, to pants, to scarves. You can go full out goddess archeologist with a look like the one seen here on the Ralph Lauren runway or keep it casual with a maxi dress like this fabulous dress from Modcloth. Either way, you manage to achieve a sort of foxy Indiana Jones appeal that is sure to capture attention.

Hint: For more inspiration on how to go summer safari, check out this article from WhoWhatWear.

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