TREND: Sun Dance in a Sundress

When it comes to the weather, I feel like everyone has what some may refer to as the “Goldy Locks Syndrome.” It always seems to be too hot or too cold, and no temperature is ever just right. However, this past week has had some of the hottest days so far this spring. With the sun shining and a light breeze brushing past all the Fashionistas on campus as they walk to class, there isn’t a more opportune time to take some of your favorite sundresses off the hanging racks of your closets and show them off around campus.

I love sundresses because of the various shapes and patterns they come in and this Fashionistas’s dress caught my attention outside of Currier Residence Hall because of its beautiful floral pattern. Floral straight-fitting dresses like this one are very popular this spring and I recommend purchasing one from ModCloth. Her look is one that captures the complete essence of spring. Flowers themselves are often associated with the season, and when they’re combined with the color palette of this Fashionista’s dress they stand out even more. The lilac, pink, orange, and green coloring are captivating but not overpowering.

This seems to be a trend throughout this Fashionista’s outfit. Because she is wearing such a bold dress, she made the wise decision to pair this with nude flats. Ballerina slippers like these are very in style this spring and I recommend purchasing similar ones from Steve Madden. My only additional suggestion would be to pair this look with a complimenting cardigan so you can stay warm as the spring breeze rushes by.

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