TREND: Sunglasses and Scarves and Bags, Oh My!

It seems as of late us Chicagoans are getting that notoriously fickle fall weather. One day us Fashionistas/os need to break out the parkas and knit sweaters and the next day is sunny and breezy. While we Chicago natives are used to the guessing game, we still can never cease to be amazed. This type of back and forth weather can leave college students in quite the conundrum. What clothes do we take back home over fall break? Do we clean out our closets of every last reminder of sunnier days? Do we lug back duffle bag after duffle bag of coats, long underwear and wool socks? This is what I like to call “the in between stage”; and it can leave a Fashionista’s head spinning.

So what to do in a crisis such as this? Use your accessories to accommodate the weather! Accessories are not just big necklaces and cocktail rings. Some of the best accessories come in the forms of scarves, headpieces, and handbags. This Fashionista gets the look down pat. Everything from her head to her toe is in sync with each other, matching different hues of brown. What I like the best though is her choice of accessories. The scarf is one of my favorite components. Like any other accessory, I say the bigger the better. The scarf is the perfect length to wrap around the neck and two-tone color adds dimension and depth. Instead of falling flat, the look pops. What’s also great is the 1950s –esque feel of the cat-eye sunglasses. The gold lining is flashy, but not dramatic. Her small Burberry tote is the perfect size to carry just the essentials for all Fashionistas. The scarf is perfect for the cooler, crisper air, while the sunglasses are just right for the shining sun. The completed look is fun and polished; leaving this Fashionista ready to tackle any Chicago weather.

Hint: If you’re feeling bold, try a faux fur scarf. The result is glamorous and humane!

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