TREND: Sweater Dresses

When most of us think of dresses we often think of the sun beaming down on a hot summer day as our hair breezes back and our cute floral patterned dress flows from side to side. While we unfortunately can’t change the weather in order to have this picturesque kind of day, we can change our thoughts about dresses. Dresses are meant to be worn 365 days of the year. This may sound crazy especially since we just had the largest snowstorm in decades; however, there are certain dresses that are made to be worn during the winter months: sweater dresses.

If you ask me, the concept of a sweater dress is a genius idea because it combines the warmth and comfort of a sweater and the head turning qualities of a dress all into one bold fashion statement. This Fashionista shows off her daring look by wearing a simple black sweater dress to class. This black sweater dress is unique because of its cow neckline. The uniquely cut neckline works to dress up this look while providing extra warmth to this Fashionista’s neck. Another thing making this outfit standout is the metallic belt that this Fashionista has fastened to her hips. This eye-catching belt helps hold the loose sweater dress closer to the Fashionista’s body while providing extra warmth.

To further winterize this outfit, this Fashionista paired her bold sweater dress with grey tights. Tights come in all different patterns and thicknesses making them an easy way to accessorize a simple sweater dress like the one this Fashionista is wearing. In fact, I recommend buying tights from Hue. To complete this sweater dress look, all you need is a pair of trendy boots. This Fashionista chose to pair her sweater dress with black boots that are draped in fur. Boots like these work well with a simplistic sweater dress because their bold look balances out the outfit.

So remember, next time you reach in your closet and grab out a trendy dress, don’t start daydreaming about the smell of the beach and your sun kissed hair. Instead, think about how to make that dress work in the winter time by adding some key accessories like tights and boots. 

Hint: If you are unable to winterize a dress you already have, check out Express's selection in order to achieve this look!

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