TREND: Sweater Nation

Sometimes a big, cozy sweater is the best thing in the world. They're warm, comfortable, cute and perfect for a lazy afternoon, spent studying in the coffee shop. I found this Fashionista hard at work in a coffee shop in Amherst, Massachusetts; despite the appeal of just throwing on sweats for an afternoon of work, this Fashionista found a cute and comfy alternative.

As a sweater enthusiast myself, I have found that the bigger the sweater, the better; this allows more room to curl up inside the sweater and create a cocoon of coziness. This Fashionista clearly shares my sentiments with her oversized gray sweater, over a pair of leggings. The three-quarter sleeve on her sweater offers a nice contrast to the length, so she doesn't appear consumed by the sweater, and shows off her array of bohemian bracelets.

Since this Fashionista's sweater is big, she contrasted this bulk with a pair of leggings and mid-calf boots, which show off the shape of her legs. With larger things on top, it is important to remember to contrast with tighter things on the bottom. Leggings are a great option, or a stretchy mini skirt over tights. These combinations have come to be my favorite fall uniform!

Hint: Ask your grandfather if he has any old sweaters! This is how I found my favorites this fall.  Goodwill is also a great place to find cheap sweaters.

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