TREND: Sweaters, Sweaters Everywhere

The sweater – you probably had one during your first winter out of the womb and you probably have closets and drawers full of them now.

As this Fashionista exemplifies, the sweater has taken on other forms of cold weather wear. On this Fashionista, we see sweater tights, a sweater dress and a sweater material brimmed beanie. This cozy material has proven itself to be practical and stylish.

The key to layering sweaterwear is the material. For example, this Fashionista wears a sheer pair of sweater tights with a cord knit sweater dress. By layering these different fabrics you add depth to your outfit without looking like you are wearing a giant mitten.This great dress from AKIRA combines thickness with some subtle "peekaboo" skin on the sleeves. Pair this dress with a pair of jewel toned tights and knee high boots.

Another thing this Fashionista does well is her mix of accessories. Her houndstooth, ruffle scarf paired with her brimmed beanie are the perfect way to bundle up in style. The great thing about long, voluminous scarves is that you can wear them looped around your neck with a coat or jacket or hang it low if you're indoors doing some holiday shopping.

Hint: Try adding sweater material to not so obvious pieces in your wardrobe. For example, these sweater heels (yes, sweater heels) are a fun way to spice up your next "ugly sweater" party. Also, you can use them to add a pop of color or focal point to any ensemble.

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