TREND: Sweet Rebel

Sometimes we feel like we can't have it all: be edgy and feminine or innocent and rebellious at the same time. But this clever Fashionista spotted eating at Farm Bloomington shows that you can have the best of both worlds. She pairs her girly white knit puff sleeve mini dress with vintage black lace-up combat inspired boots and a tough looking studded side carry-all. A black bow in her hair finishes off the look of sweet and sassy. By pairing a simple white dress with edgy black accessories, the look appears clean and put together, and the pieces easily mingle with one another.

Britney Spears was right when she sang about lace and leather, adding menswear and rocker touches to a demure feminine outfit makes a great statement. This reminds me of the 1950s when it was trendy for light pink and black to be paired together, adding some spunk to otherwise traditionally conservative fashion. So go dig into your closets, and remember that sometimes, opposites do attract.

Here are some ways to mix sweet with edgy:

1. Pair textured or colored tights with leather lace-up boots. Wear cute socks with a ruffle or lace that just peeks out over the tops of them.

2. Wear a headband with black netting for dark retro glamour.

3. Throw on a black leather jacket over a girly cocktail dress to make it look modern and fresh.

4. This leather cross body bag combines tough chocolate brown leather with a dainty bow detail.

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