TREND: Taking it Up a Notch

With the right outfit, there's really no such thing as too much. Whether it's rocking a simple frock with tights, or jeans and a pullover, accessorizing is the route to go. From heavy bracelets and full-force rings, to the bag you throw over your shoulder, every piece adds a great bit of individuality to your attire. The important part in accessorizing, however, is keeping a theme, and this Fashionista shows an ideal representation of the task. Wearing an adorable polka-dot dress, I love how this Fashionista uses the theme of black leather to accentuate her style. The excess of leather bands around her wrists looks awesome with the black shoulder bag hanging low next to her cute mustard colored button down. These also go perfectly with her black leather ankle boots that appear on so many celebrities these days. Because the weather seems to be fluctuatiing, expect the unexpected. This Fashionista's outfit is great in its versatility. I love the concept of adding black opaque tights with the leather boots; it's a great way of making your own style out of the rising combat-look trend. What completes this Fashionista's look, however, is her addition of the silver jewlery to compliment the black leather. I love her use of layered silver chained necklaces over the polka dots, and her adorable multi-finger ring. She looks so unique with her mix of textures and materials.

Hint: Making sure you're consistent in piling on those accessories is essential. I love a lot of flare, but make sure you don't look a mess! To help find that medium, chose a material or color that you want to accent your outfit with and use it in all of your additional pieces. One color that never fails me is gold- I love wearing big earrings with bold gold bracelets to make my outfit pop. This week, add a bracelet or two to your outfit to add just that little bit of excitement.

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