TREND: That ’70s Style

Before we begin, I would like to dedicate this article to Rachel Zoe and the Olsen twins, who opened the path for the adulation of long, wavy locks, who instigated the wearing of multiple bracelets and necklaces (all atop each other, of course) and, perhaps most importantly, brought about the resurrection of the bell bottom pant. All hail the queens of boho chic!

What is it about said bell bottom pants that are so alluring, so glamorous and so very stylish? Beyond mere association with all of fashion's belles de jour, bell bottom pants are extremely comfortable (just as comfy as track pants with none of the accompanying tackiness) and wonderfully flattering. Legs look longer and leaner — who wouldn't want that? However, one hang up I've had with bell bottom pants is that when too long, they can sweep the floor and get really dirty. They also aren't very common yet in the Philippines, and I'm not really into being the strange girl who is overly trendy — the one whom Fashionistas understand and laud for her sartorial bravery, but who is also the receiving end of weird stares from just about everyone else. This Fashionista, however, dispelled all those bell bottom fears of mine and has got me feeling like I can finally don my pair with lots of confidence.

I love how this Fashionista kept everything very simple and clean. Her basic grey tee was cut very well, and complemented the color of her pale blue denim bell bottoms. The skinny belt and the vintage gold watch gave her outfit a luxe polish and her necklace (it was a mini telescope that actually worked, like a real telescope!) added plenty of individuality and personality to the mix. Her plain black bag and sandals all took the backstage to let the sheer, delicious chic-ness of her pants shine through. Two thumbs up!

Hint: Obviously, a gorgeous pair of bell bottom jeans are the cornerstone of this look. Invest in a well-fitting longsleeved tee (this one by Alexander Wang is just divine) and put on a long necklace for a groovy '70s vibe. A thin belt and a chunky gold watch finish the look off and for added height and fabulosity, a pair of platforms pumps are highly recommended. Get your groove on, get your groove on, baby!

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