TREND: That Extra Glitz is Glam

I've always been one to spot amazing accessories over any other wardrobe piece. For me accessories are the essence of a look. They can bring an outfit to life and they also speak volumes about the girl wearing them. Chunky jewels have always held a special place in my heart, as I'm instantly reminded of being a little girl and rummaging through my mom's jewelry box. It is these timeless pieces that make fashion fun and inspiring.

I spotted this Fashionista and found myself in awe of the pieces she incorporated into her outfit. She took a simple black and white cotton dress and made it feel classic and chic with her jeweled baubles giving it not only a unique twist but clearly exhibiting her own personal sense of style. From her oval vintage post earrings, to her charm bracelet and chunky cocktail rings, she was able to change a basic wardrobe piece, such as the cotton dress, and make it youthful and glamorous. It all came together with a burst of gold tones. She paired her look with another fall trend – patterened tights and a mini side-satchel purse. Dare to be bold and next time you go out, don't take one piece off – instead put two more on!

Hint: There was a time when the more subtle jewelry was considered more stylish but that is not the case anymore. Chunky statement pieces, such as these square vintage square posts from Urban Outfitters, look great paired with basic tops and bottoms and add an instant vintage feel to any current look. Also check out this gold tone double finger ring, and this peacock feather statement ring (similar to that of our Fashionista). Accessories are meant to make you feel alluring and should always be an exciting aspect in getting ready. Let your jewelry scream who you are – and always have fun with it!!

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