TREND: The Beauty is in the Details

I have always been a big advocate of subtley and the idea that a little goes a long way. Big name designers have built their brands off of this idea. Christian Louboutin gained fame by simply painting the soles of his heels red, while Alexander Wang made simple T-Shirts luxurious through comfortable and high-quality material. It is much more difficult to stand out in a crowd while wearing an outfit comprised of little hidden details than standout statement pieces. But, when a Fashionista is able to do it, it can make a huge impact.

This Fashionista, for example, is wearing an outfit that at first glance appears quite basic. However, with a closer look, it becomes much more note-worthy. Her jacket is probably the most obvious example of this trend at work. The overall style of the jacket easily abides by the ever-popular military/safari trend – however, the peak of bright red plaid on the collar gives added interest that immediately catches your eye. Another element of her outfit is her black rain boots. While they seem like standard Hunter rain boots, they actually have a distressed finish on that acts as another unexpected element. Styling her ensemble with a cream sweater and light denim, her outfit takes on a rugged, but cozy feel.

To take inspiration from our Fashionista’s attention to detail, try looking for pieces with subtle, yet chic accents. For example, a basic black coat can use a couple strips of leather to draw your attention, while a lady-like coat uses velvet detailing to give a subtle and luxurious feel. A menswear-inspired blazer can use contrasting cuffs and pocket accents to add understated details, while basic black shorts become interest pieces by a simple dusting of silver. So next time you are looking for a new addition to your wardrobe, don't pass up an item that may seem boring. It may be a great piece that uses subtle details to make a big impact. 

Hint: Boring rain boots are a thing of the past. Take inspiration from our Fashionista and get rain boots with added interest. Hunter’s riding boots will give you the same coverage of their classic boots, but with a modern shape.

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