In case you have been living under a rock for the past year… BIG BOWS ARE IN! The trend is everywhere, in shoes, in hair accessories, and in ensembles all around. Part Minnie Mouse part Alice in Wonderland, this fashion statement is the epitome of child hood innocence. The trend popped up on runways everywhere in early fall of last year, was quickly picked up by Lady Gaga, and has been out of control ever since.

One Fashionista exemplifies just how innocent and scandalous can be combined one ensemble. Her form fitting, cotton dress is a great example of how to apply the big bow trend in a subtle way. Her outfit is especially fitting for a night out with the special man in your life because it combines the slim fitting sexiness with the girlish bow style. She keeps the trend rolling right down to her toes with her brown, canvas wedges which a subtle earthy tone to her wardrobe.

You can incorporate this trend into any ensemble seamlessly. Pop on any big bowed headband or hat and add instant Lady Gaga inspired style.

Hint: Can't get enough bow? Try pairing this high waisted skirt with this satin big bow top.

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