TREND: The Bigger the Better

“The bigger the better” is the perfect motto when choosing necklaces this summer. Big, bold chunky necklaces are the best way to earn your self a little extra attention in the fashion department. These sparkling pieces will be screaming fabulous and confident from across the room and can make a simple outfit not so simple after all. Personally, there’s no better accessories trend this season.

You are probably thinking, I see these necklaces all the time but am I going to be able to pull them off? Well, the answer is yes. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can go for a bib necklace like this one, a tassel necklace or even a necklace with tons of chains. You can also choose to go long with a necklace like this one.  You can dare to do embellishments or stay with something a little less bold. So many decisions, but don’t be shy, it’s your time to shine.

As an accessories addict like me would say, you can never have enough. Although these pieces are so unique, they are truly great things to invest in. One catchy necklace can go a lot farther than you may think. It can change up a look completely. For those of us on college budgets, these statement necklaces are great because they can make one outfit look completely different everytime.

The beauty of statement necklaces is that they can take your LBD to the next level or dress up a jeans and a top. In other words, chunky necklaces are totally genius. They know exactly how to make your outfit stand out and make you look fabulous. Never forget, chunky is the way to go!

Today’s Fashionista knew the perfect way to look fashionable while trying to dress simple for a day’s work. She wore trouser black shorts along with a white blouse. Although the combination of those two pieces might seem quite bland, they were anything but that. Why? Because she wore an amazing statement piece to top off her outfit. The fringes are so chic and the beads add just enough glamour. This Fashionista’s necklace from RichRocks NYC will never fail her when it comes to accessorizing for a big night out or just a day out on the town. She finishes off her look with an adorable pair of ballet flats and some classic rouge lips and voila, thanks to her statement necklace, she is so fashion-forward.

Hint: Wear simple background clothes when wearing a statement necklace. You do not want to take the attention away from the necklace! It is worth all the buzz.

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