With exams and final projects looming, this week, I wanted to find a trend that is both sexy and also effortless. Although there is really nothing that I love more than dressing up, even I can barely find time to put an outfit together at this time in the school year. I’ve been a slave to sweaters, leggings and Pumas but I wanted to find something a bit more fun to break the fashion monotony. Inspired by my endless time spent in the library, I discovered a trend that is both scholastically chic and also effortlessly sexy: the Oxford Shirt. This classic shirt is incredibly versatile and may even inspire you to actually study? (nah, I didn’t think so) Everyone knows that there is nothing sexier than rolling out of bed and throwing on your boyfriend’s shirt, but be bold and take this look out into the open air. All you need is some tights or shorts and you’re ready for the day and looking fabulous, making even a day at the library at least semi enjoyable. The Oxford shirt looks elegant with dark skinny jeans and perhaps some horn rimmed glasses, it can be belted and worn over tights, or add a leather bomber jacket to get that naughty/ nice vibe. Katie, another CU Style Guru, was rocking this look with some ripped tights and military inspired boots.

Here are some of my favorites:

I love the generous cut of this classic white oxford.

Here's a more structured and feminine oxford from American Apparel.

This is my favorite! I love the silhouette and this would look amazing belted.

Here's a super cute shirtdress from Forever 21, would look killer with platforms for summer.

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