TREND: The Busier The Better

In the months that I've been a Style Guru, I've never photographed anyone for the site whose style I wanted to imitate wholesale. When I found this Fashionista coming out of an ATM last week, I knew that that had changed. This hip Fashionista so effortlessly combined so many styles that I was sure I'd nver be able to pull off the same thing without religiously sticking to her fashion choices.

I don't even have to explain what makes this Fashionista's outfit so amazing. From her pink sunglasses to her leather jacket to her striped top, there's so much going on visually that you just have to stop and admire her. Ususally when an outfit is so busy, it translates into being overdone and excessive, but this Fashionista pulled her outfit together so seamlessly that it makes me want to run to my closet and put on everything I own. For now I'll just start by incorporating a more exciting accessory into my wardrobe. Baby steps Fashionistas, baby steps!

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