TREND: The BusinessMan (Student)

Recently, I was asked to give my opinion of men’s fashion. What trends do I see now, and what do I anticipate happening in the future? I must to say, I had to give the subject of men’s fashion a little more consideration than most fashion related questions.

Women’s fashion is easy—I do live my life in it after all. Men’s fashion, on the other hand, is an anomaly, a subject based strictly on observation. So, much like my method of passing a multiple choice exam after little preparation, I relied on my keen powers of elimination to build my opinions on the matter.

While walking around campus, I was quickly able to eliminate certain aspects of the male dress code: khaki cargo shorts are definitely a bore, along with any version of a short-sleeve button-down shirt. However, I still hadn’t come to any sort of conclusion about the direction of men’s fashion until I came upon this Fashionisto. It was one of those “I'll know it when I see it” moments, and I definitely knew that this was men’s fashion at its finest. Dressed for a class presentation in a charcoal grey suit with a white and blue window pane shirt, this Fashionisto certainly knows how to sell himself—a key characteristic for any good businessman. It is also interesting to note this Fashionisto’s lack of traditional suit accessories such as a tie and pocket square. Instead, he opted for sunglasses and a cell phone, the must have accessories of Generation Y.

Hint: Instead of a traditional dress shirt, try pairing your suit with this season’s popular woven gingham shirt from Paul Smith. Additionally, try shopping sample sales for great designer pieces at a discounted price.

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