TREND: The Classic Pieces

The traditional elements of men’s fashion are often expected and well, boring. Men’s fashion can lack some of the embellishment and fantasy often found in women’s wear—so much so that a lack of details such as seams, sequins, or ruffles can create a whole new exciting adventure in womenswear—menswear inspired clothing!

Perhaps the term “classic” is a more appropriate term for menswear—it carries fewer negative connotations than the word “traditional”. After all, this article is meant to inspire rather than judge. So, working within these classic boundaries, there are many ways to add a bit of freshness to the old pants and sweater combination.

The Fashionisto seen here is wearing the color of the season—gray. Color is a great way to transform a standard silhouette. The DKNY men’s ready-to-wear fall 2010 show featured a palette of gray and navy with an occasional pop of orange. This Fashionisto’s dark navy jeans, gray sweater, and navy and blue checked shirt take inspiration straight from the runway when paired with a bright orange scarf.

Another current trend in menswear that I find appealing is thick woolen socks. Why wear traditional black dress socks with a suit when you could opt for the quirky comfort of wool? I am of the opinion that wool socks are also a great gift idea—Dumbledore and I have this in common.

Hint: Cashmere can make everything feel more luxurious whether it’s an orange scarf or a pair of socks. Try J.Crew for cashmere socks marked well below department store prices.

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