TREND: The Cold Weather Cocktail Dress

Freezing weather may be here but that doesn't mean you have to send your party dresses packing. This Fashionista exemplifies how to wear tiny dresses in winter coat weather.

She began with a tank style dress with zipper detail then added a leather jacket and booties. Together this ensemble screams motorcycle mama with a glamorous twist. If you're thinking about going jacket-less this season opt for a dress with a little more fabric. For example, this long sleeved knit dress with studded detail shares the same theme as our Fashionista's while showing a little less skin. When looking for a dress to fit both you and the elements try exchanging skin baring straps for sleeve detail. This knit dress with beaded shoulder detail covers up without sacrificing sex appeal.An added bonus of detailed dresses is that they require less accessorizing.

However, donning these cold weather ready ensembles is a great opportunity to incorporate some unique leg wear. My personal favorite is anything knee high (I was inspired by my 5' 11" friend who has legs up to her neck.) For those of us with legs of the shorter variety, try jewel toned tights if you're wearing a dark or neutral dress or something more conservative if you are sporting a wilder outfit.

Hint: Check out the jacket selection at your favorite boutique or department store. Try and keep a few different styles on hand to pair with with your summer dresses. This way you can change up the style, depending on the jacket, while getting more use out of your summer ensembles.

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