TREND: The Comeback of the Jean Jacket

If, since Middle School, you’ve shied away from that jean jacket you used to love, you’re not alone. I can’t remember the last time I said to myself, “Today I’m going to wear that killer jean jacket I have.” There are two reasons for this: because, 1. usually “killer” and “jean jacket” are not used in the same sentence, and 2. until recently, I’ve yet to find said jacket. Of all articles of clothing that I own/have owned, I can safely say that (to my mother’s dismay) I have been the pickiest with jean jackets. Haven’t we all? Nothing is more un-cool than a bad jean jacket.

So what’s changed? Well for one, more Fashionistas/os are raiding mom’s and dad’s closets. I spotted this Fashionista indoors with her jean companion draped over her arms and I just had to see the whole outfit. When I asked her to model the jacket for me, she proudly commented, “It’s my mom’s old jacket I found in the back of her closet.” The beauty of any jean jacket is in the fade of the jean. Whether the color is dark or more on the lighter side, look for a piece that looks like it’s got some years on it (whether it actually does is your little secret). Where to go when your parents closets’ aren’t nearby? Start with Goodwill or Salvation Army. If hand-me-downs aren’t your style, Levi’s is a classic place to find anything jean. I love this cutoff jacket in ‘tinted denim,’ while the ‘light blue’ is also perfectly worn-looking and classic. If you want to better show off what you have on underneath, an edgy jean vest will go perfect with your favorite pair of skinny pants or lightweight dress. Why stop at denim in blue hues? Black denim is never out of the question. Don’t worry; it’s still part of the jean family.

The next best thing about this Fashionista’s outfit is her use of color and texture. The beeswax color of the purse attracted me from the start. Her bright red beanie perfectly complements the yellow color of the bag. Shiny, liquid leggings make her legs look sleek under an oversized cotton tee. Topped off with the jacket, she’s a walking inspiration board complete with an array of color and texture.

Moral of this story: don’t be afraid to do the denim. Mom will be proud.

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