TREND: The Elegance of White

I've always been quite a follower of adding black to every outfit (yes, even in the summer), but the rising temperature and humidity has made it quite difficult for me to continue my routine. While many Fashionista's seem to be rocking white jeans and shorts around the city, I know I'm always hesitant about wearing white, but also pants. I love how this Fashionista is wearing a light-weight white dress, looking summery and stylish. Her effortless look is quite chic. I've always thought that the best way to wear a loose top is always best complimented by something tighter underneath, and vise versa. I love how the top of this Fashionista's dress is layered and flowy with lace on top, while the bottom half is tighter, still using the lacy material. The simplicity of the white truly shows her elegance in such a gorgeous dress! Lace really is great and trendy for these hot summer months, just like this adorable white one from Urban Outfitters.

White is also perfect for any kind of Fashionista because it of its versatility with accessories. I've recently gotten really into pink, red, navy and gold. Gold jewelry like this bold necklace with pearls looks so chic in the summer. It's rather difficult to wear darker colors in the summer, so adding a bit of baby pink like this trendy crossbody handbag add the perfect amount of edge to a simple white dress. Although I adore wearing black year round, this Fashionista shows that white in the summer truly is the way to go!

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