TREND: The Fall Dress

As cold weather draws nearer, it seems it’s time to start putting away our favorite summer ensembles. However, as the seasons change, there is still that short period of time when the weather cooperates just enough for Fashionistas to wear our favorite pieces. With sunny skies and cool breezes, fall is the perfect time for a comfortable wrap dress, such as the one this Fashionista is wearing.

Spotted on the way out of Ballentine, this Fashionista wore a perfect-for-fall, cream wrap-dress, paired with bright accessories. This type of dress is a perfect transition from summer to fall; a flattering, yet comfortable fit, with ¾-length sleeves for when an autumn breeze rolls in. Adding colorful accessories, such as her purple sandals and floral bag, make this neutral ensemble pop. Mix everything together, and you have a completely suitable fall outfit.

Though Labor Day has come and gone, don’t be afraid to keep wearing your lighter neutrals. Pairing the right pieces and accessories with lighter colors can make a seemingly summer piece work for the fall and winter. This Fashionista brought in bright colors of purple and green, but darker colors of blue, red, and green can also work well with a dress like this.

Hint: To get this Fashionista’s look, try this dress from Urban Outfitters. This particular dress is offered in darker colors, which can be a good way to fit it in during the fall. Pair it with a skinny belt and some belted sandals, and you’re golden!

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