TREND: The Fashionable Balancing Act

Balance is the key to dressing: manipulating our outfits to strike the perfect current-meets-timeless note. The art of putting together chic ensembles can be difficult because you want to get the balance correct and not look sloppy. But this Fashionista happens to meet the perfect equilibrium by wearing a tight bottom and a flowing top.

Although a mix of relatively simple pieces, when paired together they create something unique. The bright loose fitting tee is a terrific staple. It’s friendly to the dress-for-comfort types and it’s also seen on every young Hollywood scarlet. Adorned and adored by all, this basic top leaves opportunity for many outfit options: dressed up with skinny jeans and heels, tucked into a high-waist skirt, or worn with your silk pajama bottoms and leopard print slippers. But on a warm September day, this Fashionista is the perfect outfit matchmaker for choosing a tight, short black skirt. Even though many of us leave the LBS (little black skirt) for the weekend nights out, pairing it with a loose top looks totally daytime appropriate. And to continue the argument as to why she looks refined as opposed to inappropriate, is her decision to sport the oh-so-classic Keds. These simple, yet timeless sneakers aren’t just worn by the pediatric-ridden folks, they have grown in fashion to collaborate with some huge designer names including Gap and Jeffrey. To really top off the outfit entirely she has a little sun protection via her pale fedora. The felt hat is stylist while still being one of the most practical trends. And whereas her casual day style is a testament to ease, the key to balance is comfort. She can sport the LBS because of crucial comfort pieces, such as her shoes, skirt and hat. So, while I try to help you add balance to your outfits, adding balance to your crazy college life is a whole another wardrobe!

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