TREND: The Fashionista Wears Prada

Among many funny lines in the surprisingly accurate film based on Vogue magazine, “The Devil Wears Prada”, there is a typical Miranda Priestly editrix moment over spring dressing. In a board meeting for the April issue one editor suggests shooting floral dresses to which Miranda responds, deadpan, “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.”

Although Miranda is the merciless devil herself, she does have a point. It can be very refreshing to see a spring outfit that is clean and unfussy. So I was happy to spot this Fashionista in front of the performing arts center at Cornell, on her way to class in a crisp ensemble. This lithe junior was wearing high-waisted cotton shorts she picked up in London over spring break with a sheer black kimono knit from Forever 21. The outfit was accented by a neutral cinched belt by Tommy Hilfiger, caramel wooden wedges, sassy neon nails by China Glaze, and her matching black and white iPhone.

This look is a good example of dressing up shorts for a summer job or a Sunday brunch: keep the palette classic and the accessories formal for a non-beachy look. Add a long black cardigan or blazer for when the air-conditioning kicks in.

And as for Miranda Preistly’s derisive edicts, she would probably give at least a slight smile to this chic, fresh Fashionista.

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