TREND: The Foggy Bottom Prepster

The college prepster style is one of the most commonly encountered trends on the streets of Foggy Bottom. Fashionistas and Fashionistos throughout campus can be spotted year-round adding country club appropriate pieces to their outfits, resulting in great looks that are fashion-forward and easy to love. When I saw this Fashionisto on my way to class, I had to stop him to take a picture of his college prepster look, because I really loved his style and had to share it. This Fashionisto expertly rocks the college prepster trend. On top, he's wearing a blue button-down top over a white T-shirt with a black cardigan. This layering technique is perfect for the currently inconsistent D.C. weather, and it enables him to be comfortable regarldess of what the forecast is. On the bottom, he's wearing a pair of basic, straight leg khakis that he's cuffed at the ankles. The way he's wearing his pants truly pulls his whole look together, and I love how he's taken a pair of basic khakis and turned them into an incredibly fashion-forward staple. With his outfit, he also wears a pair of black boat shoes and carries an oversized black hobo bag for his books and binders. This Fashionisto looks great, and his outfit has an incredibly relaxed and easy-going vibe

Hint: While experimenting with the prepster look, do as this Fashionisto did and cuff a pair of straight-leg khakis or black jeans at your ankles. Doing this will instantly add a preppy element to your outfit that isn't too over-the-top. Then, add a pair of simple high-top sneakers and a plain T-shirt under a warm cardigan for an eye-catching, preppy look that's very cool and easy to create.

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