TREND: The Indestructible Blazer

Last semester, we all fell in love with the menswear craze that took over the fashion scene. With the addition of a feminine twist, we saw oxfords, boyfriend jeans and blazers all become casual female wardrobe pieces. Every season, trends are born, and a few months later they die. However, the boyfriend blazer trend has created a positive uproar that leads me to believe that it will remain every Style Guru’s perennial lover. 

The main factor for the extended life that the boyfriend blazer has received lies within the varying fabrics and shapes that it beholds. Constantly changing and being revived by designers, fashion lovers will never get sick of this versatile item. This CollegeFashionista has displayed her elegant blazer adorned by taupe lace. The clean, classic shape of her one-button blazer is an updated version of the popular oversized boyfriend blazer, and it reveals her femininity and sense of class. The slightly structured shoulders and three-quarter sleeves add modernity to the lace fabric that would be too overpowering if shaped and worn differently. 

Accessories should be kept simple when wearing a bold blazer with an eye-catching fabric. The lace on her jacket sets the theme for the remainder of her ensemble to be elegant and sophisticated. Her choice of a black double looped beaded necklace works perfectly atop her blazer, and also accents her black flats. Choose a jewelry item that accents the color of your shoes or buttons on your jacket to create a well-balanced look, as this Fashionista has done. If lace is not your forte, you can also find blazers in fabrics such as wool, velvet, polyester, and satin. Each of these fabrics exudes exemplary style when attached to your choice of fitted blazer. Whether you are going to class, running errands, going out for a night on the town, or heading to work, every female should own at least one blazer.

Hint: If you are unsure about what to wear underneath your blazer, purchase simple, basic tanks and tops. They will work great underneath your jacket and help accentuate the use of your simple accessory. When the main course of your outfit is draped in a luxe fabric, keep the sides simple. 

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