TREND: The Layered Fashionisto

I often find that I'm spotlighting Fashionistas and not paying as close attention to GW's amazing Fashionistos as I should. It is because of this that I decided I would focus my attention on Fashionistos instead of Fashionistas this week. When I spotted this amazing Fashionisto, a designer and stylist himself, I knew I had to share his fabulous look with all of you fashion lovers out there.

Because the recent D.C. weather has been so back and forth between hot and freezing, a sure-fire way to stay comfortable despite the inconsistent temperatures is to dress in layers. This Fashionisto exemplifies how fashionable dressing in layers can be, and I really love his layered look. This Fashionisto is wearing gray/green-washed jeans, a plaid button down beneath a gray sweater, a black infinity scarf, a black peacoat, and black motorcycle boots. With his great look, he carries a brown leather duffle bag and sports oversized aviator sunglasses and a gray cap. His many layers will keep him comfortable when he's outside on chilly days, and he can easily shed a layer or two on warmer days to stay cool. His look is chic and effortless and truly epitomizes how fashionable GW's guys are, especially when they dress in layers.

Hint: As I've mentioned, dressing in layers is the perfect way to stay comfortable despite D.C.'s always-changing weather. Try sporting a basic long-sleeve T-shirt under a sweater or a sweatshirt. Pair one of these top combinations with a pair of dark jeans, a peacoat, a scarf, and chukkas for a chic and easy look that will keep heads turning in envy all day.

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