TREND: The Mix Up

Recently, mixing prints has been coming back into style, but what about mixing the same prints? Some may say it's too much of a good thing, but if it's done right, it can be the perfect dose. I caught this Fashionisto sporting plaid-on plaid and pulling it off perfectly.

This Fashionisto shows that the key to pulling off this trick is varying the size of the prints. His plaid button-down is a smaller print, while the plaid on his coat is larger. This creates contrast and ensures that each print stands for itself rather than getting lost in the other, which could make the prints clash.

It is not important to make your prints match, but make sure they "go together." This is subject to opinion, so if you think it looks good, wear it with confidence and it will look good.

Stick with a simple bottom, like jeans or black pants, when sporting this trend. This Fashionisto's classic jeans work great with his plaid mix. Since there is so much happening on top, the bottoms must be kept simple.

Try this trend with plaid, stripes, florals or abstract prints. You can wear a shirt and coat combination, like this Fashionisto, or mix it up with a shirt and scarf, hat or maybe even shoes of the same print.

Hint: This trend requires no shopping!  Look in your closet and pull out that striped scarf that you haven't worn because your favorite striped shirt "clashes."  Pair them together and head out.

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