TREND: The Naturalist

If you were to ask my mom about my style obsessions she would sum it up in few words, huge sunglasses and funky shoes. Up until last week these are what typically defined my ensembles, however, this Fashionista has me singing a different tune. 

Her simplistic style, accented by an oversized, feminine scarf, and leather bracelet has me thinking less about bling and more about going 'au naturale.' Now that nude tones are here to stay, accessories are also taking on these subtle qualities. For example, this Fashionista's scarf is defined by a pale pink and gray rose pattern which gives a nod to neutral tones and naturalist elements. At the same time, her leather bracelet adds an earthy brown into her wardrobes color scheme. 

Another way to add earthy elements to your own ensemble is with tribal jewelry. One option is this wooden buckle bracelet. Though it definitely does not follow the neutral color scheme, it's a great a way to add a pop of color to a simple outfitt like this Fashionista. Another simple way to style up your everyday wardrobe with naturalist elements is with these gold medallion earrings. Similar to the wooden, beaded bracelet, these also seem to be influenced by old school earthly elements, only, the detailing of these seems reminicent of an Aztec design. 

Hint: Want to go nude but can't give up the bling? These nude colored booties with gem detail are the perfect mix of bold and simple. 

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