TREND: The Necessary Winter Accessories

As a major fan of accessories, I love this time of year because, in order to stay warm in the District, Fashionistas and Fashionistos must sport more than just a winter coat. From earmuffs to knit caps, fingerless gloves to mittens, I'm really in love with the different winter accessories that I've seen my fellow GW students sporting around campus. I ran into this Fashionista as I headed to my Consumer Behavior class. With her outfit of skinnies, motorcycle boots and a black peacoat, she has added a trapper hat and chunky, crochet mittens. Her trapper hat's outer layer is a woolen, white and crocheted, and it's lined with faux fur. I really love the hat's tassels that fall below each ear flap; these tassels make her hat unique and they put a fun spin on the trapper hat style. I also really love this Fashionista's chunky mittens; with their fleece lining, these great mittens keep her nice-and-cozy while remaining fashion-forward.

Hint: This season, add a fun trapper hat, a knit headband or turband, or a pair of chunky mittens to your outfit when you head outside. As this Fashionista proves, these winter accessories can really complement your look and are guaranteed to keep you stylish and warm until spring.

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