TREND: The New and Improved Legging

Leggings have made up plenty of my outfit choices throughout the years. As a little girl, I was dressed in the bright colored or patterned texture kind for warmth underneath garments. In middle school, I followed the legging trend with UGGs and frayed jean skirts (not one of my best outfit choices). In college, leggings came with a multipurpose use for either comfort or a night out. This Fashionista shows us the legging trend in a summery pattern. The floral print and bright colors make the legging more appropriate for the summer season instead of the typical black shade. Especially when in a lazy dressing mood, the legging is an easy go-to option. While feeling comfortable and effortless, a fun print makes the casual garment look well thought out and put together.

Hint: Most important to styling the legging is making it look flattering. An oversized silk blouse will balance out the tight bottom, and with a pair of wedges make for a perfect nighttime ensemble. These leggings from ASOS have the perfect pop of color for summertime, and can easily be worn with a lightweight denim shirt as shown or a cotton tank for really hot days. If you feel at ease with the patterned legging, try mixing and matching prints. For example, try a floral legging and a leopard top, or a tribal print legging and floral top. When mixing patterns, I would try to keep a consistent color somewhere in both the top and bottom. To tackle this trend, simply find a colorful pattern or print that you feel comfortable in and style to your desire!

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