TREND: The Oversized Sweater

If I could pick a season that I love the most, winter would be it. Don’t get me wrong, I despise the cold weather and I can’t stand being cold. But, that being said, I rarely am freezing because winter allows me to wear huge sweaters that swallow me alive (in a good way, of course). An oversized sweater is similar to a mother in many ways. It comforts me when I’m feeling down. It complements my body any day of the week. And it warms me up on a freezing day, in the way that tomato soup and crackers always can.

This Fashionista’s oversized sweater is perfect. Ribbed, crewneck and probably from her mom or dad’s closet – the sweater wins in all the right categories. The white color makes the knitting really stand out, which gives subtle detail to her outfit. The sweater is the focal point and every other piece works off of it. Her extra-long necklace and headscarf are amazing accents that make the top half of the outfit so bohemian-esque. On the bottom half, her houndstooth leggings offer a black and white pattern that plays off of the large white sweater. In addition, her boots are incredible. These orange and brown lace-ups are from Tommy Hilfinger and keep the outfit interesting from head-to-toe.

Hint: A big sweater is a must for every Fashionista. It’ll make you look as if you didn’t try hard to put together an outfit, all the while making you look fashion forward. A sweater like hers can literally go with anything. Pair it with leggings, a woolen skirt, skinny jeans, or shorts and tights (depending on the weather and your mood). You can layer and style up the sweater any way you want. A long necklace, a high-waist belt, or a collared shirt are wonderful ways to make it your own.

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