One foot digging itself out of the knee-deep snow after the other, the whirlwind of snow that stormed through Iowa City serves as a perfect excuse for those of us who are avoiding productivity to stay sprawled out on the couch all day. However, some of us have work, homework, and winter wonderland adventures to attend, forcing us off of our couches and on to the battlefield of snow. But before we rush into battle, it is important for us to stop and put on our winter armor. By that, I mean a jacket, a scarf, earmuffs and boots.

This Fashionista serves as a reminder that your winter gear can be both warm and flattering. In fact, this Fashionista’s earthy green parka is insulated with down providing her with enough warmth to go into battle. This Parka also stands out to me compared to the others I’ve seen around campus because it actually gives this Fashionista’s body some shape. The belt that hugs her hips allows this Fashionista to show off her curves. This parka is further embellished with cargo pockets. This makes the jacket both trendy and useful. I recommend purchasing one of these from Nordstrom. Although they may weigh down your college budget, the fashionable winter Parka is a heavy jacket that you’ll need as long as we’re at war with Mother Nature.

Another item necessary for warfare is a bold scarf. This Fashionista’s scarf has a bohemian vibe which picks up the earthy green tone in her jacket and compliments the gray in her earmuffs and boots. In my opinion, these earmuffs are another must-have item to fight off the winter flakes. These aren’t your traditional earmuffs. In fact, it is a one-piece wrap-around knitted band that fasten in the back. The crocheted flower tops them off and makes them stand out.

To complete your snow day uniform, you need over-the-knee boots. This Fashionista’s boots go up so high that there are only a couple inches between them and the jacket. This provides more coverage against the fierce winter breeze. So for those of you ready to join the Fashionista troops and battle the winter weather, be sure to grab yourself an insulated jacket, a scarf, earmuffs, and boots.

Hint: Add some trendy gloves from Shopstyle to this outfit so you don't have to hide your hands in your sleeves!

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