TREND: The Perfect Winter Boot

The holiday season has finally arrived. Living in the Midwest during the winter is picturesque and there are numerous spots on campus that look like those holiday Christmas cards you are mailing out this year. However, even though everything looks perfect, actually walking outside in the freezing temperatures is another story. 

Lately, the snow storms are never ending and it is hard to find a good pair of boots that will be able to handle all of the salt and snow damage. Of course, the ever popular UGG boots are a great way to keep you warm. But, the problem is, everyone on campus has a pair or two. Another alternative that you could wear around campus is the rain boot. Now I know that it is obvious that rain boots are made for the rain. However, these boots are perfect for battling the slushy snow. These boots are made out of rubber, which prevents the snow and water from damaging the surface. Another benefit of these boots is that there are now fur inserts to place inside to help keep your feet warm. The best part is they come in creative prints and some high-end designers have even designed their own line of rain boots. This Fashionista sported her own cheetah printed rain boots after a snow storm through finals week. For your own pair of rain boots try these similar cheetah printed rain boots or these boots from our favorite shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. To ensure that you are warm this winter, pair a similar patterned peacoat that will be sure to catch the eyes of everyone.

Have a great holiday and remember, dress to impress!

Hint: To make a bold statement try pairing a bright scarf with your winter attire like this Fashionista did. 

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