TREND: The Power of Pants, Cargo Style

When it comes to shopping, I am instantly drawn to shirts. After all, every shirt varies in color, pattern and shape, and when you pick the perfect top to wear, no one ever forgets your outfit. However, this Fashionista reminds those of us who sprint to the shirt racks at the mall a little to easily, that pants are just as influential in creating an unforgettable look. In fact, when it comes to pants, it is as easy as choosing a pair with extraordinary detail. Whether it’s the stitching, the rips, or the amazing pair of cargo pockets like this Fashionista is wearing, pants have the power to turn heads just as easily as a fashionable top.

Because cargo pants are in style this season, finding an unforgettable pair of pants is even easier. After all, they are showcased in almost every store. My favorite are the ones from Nordstrom. I am also a particular fan of the ones this Fashionista is wearing because they are skinny. Often cargo pants are loose fitting and beige. However, this bold green tighter fitting pair of pants highlights this Fashionista’s curves, making them look more feminine.

To add to the cargo look, this Fashionista paired her pants with a simple white shirt and sandals. I think this was a brilliant decision because the cargo pants are so bold you don’t want to draw too much attention away from them. Adding a simplistic sandal like the ones this Fashionista is wearing or ones from Steve Madden is ideal. This isn’t to say you can’t have some fun with your accessory choices. This purple, blue, and green scarf adds a lot to this outfit, and many people chose to pair their cargos with scarves. In fact, this scarf helps pull out the green in the cargo pant drawing your attention back to them.

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