TREND: The Prepster

This fall, the preppy look is climbing up the ladder as one of the top trends for men. The term “prep” holds several different meanings, all of which have greatly transformed over time. Traditionally associated with an image of a privileged and elitist group, the term “prep” related to anyone who was associated with an Ivy League or university-preparatory school. Today, preppy fashion is more commonly associated with a clean and sophisticated image, and is generally associated with brands such as brands J.Crew, Vineyard Vines and Lily Pulitizer.

This fall, preppy basics such as blazers, cardigans, plaid, button-downs, sweaters, collars and vests are making a return in the male wardrobe. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the preppy look is that most men already own many of the prep-essential items. Matching his black and gray knitted sweater with a black collard shirt underneath, today’s Fashionisto has combined different elements from his wardrobe and has created a casual, yet suave and clean-cut look. Another item to note on this Fashionisto are his nautically-inspired boat shoes. He is sporting a pair of beige Sperry Top-Sider’s, a leading shoe brand for prepster fashion.

While the term "prep," and the images associated with it have evolved significantly over the years, the prepster look is a classic, timeless male fashion trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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