TREND: The Rockstar in All of Us

There is no better way to spend the day than outside in the sweet summer air, listening to your favorite band playing live. Once you gather all of your friends and choose the concert of your choice, it is time to choose what style you’ll be rocking. Both music and fashion revolve around the idea of self expression, which allows you to practice your creativity and draw on your endless imagination. Because fashion pulls a great amount of inspiration from music, our sense of style seems to complement the type of music we listen to, whether we notice it or not. Usually, with different tastes in music comes a different taste in fashion. So, with this in mind, when you attend your next concert, take a look around and see if you can find a common trend. I remember being at a Jack Johnson concert and it looked as if the attendees came straight out of a Free People catalog. Instead of blending in to the crowd at the next gig you attend, stick to your personal style while also adding your own touch to your favorite trend. Concerts are a great atmosphere to experiment with your look and to play with fashion!

I spotted this Fashionista working in the eclectic specialty boutique, Bloom, on Main Street which is right in the center of the University of Delaware campus. She has mixed in rocker chic accessories with an everyday look to create the ultimate concert style. This Fashionista’s jewelry perfectly enhances her look and adds just the right amount of edge to her colored ankle jeans and her sleeveless gingham button up. These white classic Converse sneakers are a great addition to this look and help to add a subtle hint of this rockstar trend. The best part is that you can find all of these great pieces that this Fashionista is rocking, along with more unique and beautifully made clothing and accessories, in the pictured boutique, Bloom.

Hint: For more rocker chic accessories, check out this studded ring, sandals, as well as this crossbody bag to add an edge to any ordinary outfit.



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