TREND: The Scarf

While browsing through the street-style photos of our brother and sister Fashionista/os at universities and colleges across the U.S. and overseas, I became envious of the fabulous layered outfits I saw witnessed from one site to the next. From the pea coats to knee-high boots or the wide range of tights the Fashionistas in the Midwest were rocking, I thought to myself “cold weather pieces never looked better.” I was reminded that these regions are experiencing a true fall and my envy drifted away. To my surprise, so did the heat across the valley. Suddenly it feels like a true fall in southern Arizona.

Wearing a few extra layers out the door first thing in the morning is necessary when en route to campus in the chilly weather. It doesn’t hurt that those layers not only function properly, but also look chic, giving us well-deserved attention from our classmates. Layering in a chic scarf is one way of doing the trick.

Wrapped around the head, loosely placed on the neck or tightly knotted just below the chin- scarves can be worn as imaginative as the Fashionista/os get. The fabric and design of scarves are just as inventive, making them one of the most versatile accessories in the book. The scarves spotted around campus lately worn on the heads and necks of Sun Devil Fashionista/os have been eye-catching. One popular look on campus is an overall minimal look- T-shirt and jeans – layered with a chunky scarf or thick sweater adding definition to the outfit. The pictured Fashionista’s outfit is an example of a similar look. While it’s overall clean and simple, the scarf brings it all together and the ending result is chic.

Hint: Looking for a new scarf to add to your outfit? While the options are endless, as most popular department stores and boutiques carry a great variety of scarves, try going for a scarf with a unique design or pattern. A scarf with a few layers of it’s own, such as this one with pleats and folds by Juicy Couture, is also an excellent choice. If buying a new scarf isn't in your near future, don't worry – one of the best traits of a scarf is how it can transform from one look to the next just by the way you wear it. Check out this video from 4 Fresh New Ways to Wear a Scarf– your old scarves will thank you.

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