TREND: The Simple Look

Instead of looking to magazines for my daily style inspirations, I simply take in my surroundings of all the Fashionista’s on my daily walk to work. I featured this Fashionista for her simple pieces that show the season’s most popular trends in just a top and bottom. Knits, maxi lengths, neutral tones and an overall minimalistic style are what make up this Fashionista’s trend of simplicity.

In the past, I used to think of a skirt as being a more fancy or dressy option to wear. Now, I constantly am turning to them as staple pieces that are easy to wear and to mix and match. This Fashionista chose a trendy yet classic blush tone skirt in a chiffon fabric, which is just right for a hot summer day. The color can be paired with a variety of neutrals like the Fashionista models here, or you can choose a louder color like this blue tank. The maxi can also be styled very casual with a basic white T-shirt, or a dressier sheer button-down. Both are perfect and simple options, but allow for a dressy or causal option with the choice of fabrics and styling. The basic cream colored knit that this Fashionista is wearing is so casual yet adds some texture to the chiffon skirt. After examining the trends present in the details of the ensemble, the overall look is still simple. This week’s Fashionista shows us how simplicity is bliss.

Hint: To mimic the simple ensemble shown here, try an American Apparel maxi skirt. Pick a few different colors of the skirt, and a few basic tops in a variety of colors. This is how mixing and matching is fun. For example, take this lemon yellow maxi and mix with a bright red button-up one day, or the same top with the blush tone a different day. The key to the simplicity factor is playing with basics in solid colors.

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