TREND: The Staple Scarf

Do you ever put on an outfit and look in the mirror only to think, “is there something missing here?” When it comes to planning the perfect ensembles, most Fashionistas recognize that accessories can make or break an outfit. The lack of accessories can make a look appear plain and boring, but with the right accent pieces an ensemble can be transformed into an interesting and exciting look. One of the easiest ways to transform an outfit is by adding a scarf.

This Fashionista was spotted leaving the fashion design studio wearing a perfect fall scarf. The rest of her outfit is simple and chic, but it is obvious that she knew it needed more. One can never go wrong pairing a basic black blazer with a flowing white tank, dark jeans, and flats. Still, adding texture, pattern, and color to a simple look can change it entirely. This Fashionista’s silk floral scarf in dark colors perfectly accents her effortless school-day attire. A scarf this chic deserves to be noted because of its bold colors, but also because it can match with a variety of looks.

To get a scarf as wonderful as this Fashionista’s, check out this floral oblong scarf from Urban Outfitters. While her scarf is silky and smooth, the floral oblong scarf offers a nice texture that really fits into the fall season. However, if you’re looking for more of the silky look, check out this Echo scarf, offered in paisley neutrals.

Just remember, whether your outfit just needs a little something extra or you need a little something to warm you up on a chilly fall day, turn to your trusty staple scarf!

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