TREND: The Summertime Blues

When summer arrives it typically brings scorching hot temperatures with it. This Fashionista shows us that while there is a need to dress in cool clothes, literally clothes that do not trap heat, it is also key to not forget what looks stylish.

This Fashionista’s blue dress from BCBG is the unique combination of a wrap dress and a military-esque dress. The lightweight material allows for her to not be overwhelmed by the heat. A dress like this is perfect for various occasions such as work, family parties and dinner with your girlfriends; the possibilities are endless.

Paired with her BCBG dress, is a pair of SE Boutique by Sam Eldeman wedges. The combination of black, silver, cork and a little metallic definitely dresses up her ensemble to create more of a nighttime look (note: perfect for a dinner date!). Though those wedges dress up her look there is always the option to dress it down. Wearing a pair of flats or sandals would make the look more daytime appropriate.

While accessories are very important to complete a look that does not mean there needs to be a lot, which is proven by this Fashionista's outfit. Her metallic beaded bracelet is simple, yet it ties her look together. If you are not a bracelet person there are other options. For this particular look one could pull their hair back and wear a pair of dangling earrings and then add a fun cocktail ring!

With only a couple of weeks of summer left (I know it is sad) try to have as much fun wearing your cute shorts and dresses! Before you know it, it will be time for chunky sweaters and boots.

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