TREND: The Tights and the Short of It

If warm weather means one thing, it’s an indication that shorts can fall back into your outfit rotation. And while pairing them with flip flops is perhaps the most classic route to take, shorts have versatility much beyond their traditional use just dying to be explored. One such departure from the piece’s norm is the pairing of shorts and tights. This trend is all over runways, magazines and blogs right now, and for good reason. Its “up for interpretation” kind of appeal lends itself to any Fashionista/o’s personal style, and its fun appearance guarantees a fashion statement far from timid. This Fashionista works a classic yet urban angle of the shorts with tights trend. Her black Forever 21 peacoat sets an initial feminine tone for the look, while her Urban Outfitter’s distressed denim shorts are decidedly more edgy. Her black Forever 21 tights add a smart cohesiveness to the outfit, and allow it to be wearable in Syracuse’s oft-bleak Aprils. This Fashionista’s Gap bag and Modern Pop Culture boots work nicely as accent pieces that don’t overpower the already trendy vibe of the look. To try the trend yourself, pick shorts and tights that will highlight your personal style.

For an edgier approach to the trend, pair Levi’s low-slung Blue Spark Denim Shorts with Urban Outfitter’s Rose Openwork Tight. For a feminine vibe, match American Eagle’s Drapey High-waist Short in steel gray with Target’s Merona Sheer Floral Tight in soft pink.

Hint: Get creative in how you pair your shorts and tights. A mix of textures and colors are a great way to add instant personality to your look. For romantic outfits utilize lace shorts and knit tights, or for a dressier appeal incorporate silky shorts and luxurious velvet stockings. Happy shopping!

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