TREND: The Trench Coat Thoery

Back when businessmen and Sherlock Holmes made trench coats a “fashion no no,” the world was stuck with cropped leather jackets, North face bombers, and short pea coats to provide warmth during its coldest winter days.  Now, let’s applaud and praise Christopher Bailey for bringing back the infamous yet elegant Trench coat.

The Fashionistas I picked for this entry showed how they worked a perfect trench coat.  Choosing black over the conventional tan colored coats, these girls used bright tights/stockings and sky high heels to give themselves a “sitting on the steps of the MET like a Gossip Girl” look.  But that is besides the point of this outfit.  Contrasting the two colors, black vs. white and black vs. magenta, is a great way to also expand on such a simple coat.

If you are wondering how you can get this look, you can find a trench coat in almost any store such as and But hurry up before they throw out this season’s new must-have as the stores start to dump in the old down jackets from yester-year again for the winter season.

Hint: Be a little bolder and step up your wardrobe by buying a deep colored Trench coat.  Colored patterns can be too distracting.  And have you ever tried buttoning up all the buttons on the coat or are you afraid it is going to make you look too manly without some cleavage?  Try wearing the coat in a new way such as creating a Sailor Moon silhouette by pulling the waistband to the back instead of to the front!  Remember, buying a simple item does not automatically mean you have to dress simply.  Versatility is key to the illusion of fashion.

As for now, I hope you enjoy your holidays!


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