TREND: The Wild West

Instead of solely focusing on the forecasted trends of the season, try looking into the past for fashion inspiration. Being on top of the latest trends is great. However, sometimes this only causes you to blend into the crowd because everyone is wearing them. Take a minute to reminisce about your favorite previous influential trends and then begin to incorporate them into your outfits. Whether you are inspired by the classic look of the 50's or the radical look of the 80's be sure to find a decade that suits you.

This Fashionista resembled an updated version of a western cowgirl. Denim and cowboy boots are key indicators of this style and she nailed both of them. Cowboy boots are a statement item and your outfit should be showing them off rather than hiding them. If you are planning on wearing cowboy boots with any look, make sure your denim does not overpower or cover the boots. For the perfect denim ensemble, try this Tommy Hilfiger dress that allows for all the attention to be drawn towards your feet.

The key to bringing back the old is being able to incorporate it with the new trends as well. By wearing a pair of brown leggings and socks with the denim, she was able to add a twist that worked in tandem. Make sure the new trends are subtle pieces because you don’t want decades of clothing battling each other on your body. Another way she updated her look was by adding on a few layers of jackets for texture and volume. To top her outfit off, she accessorized with a mustard colored scarf that picks up the hues of yellow in her boots for a put together finished look.

Hint: Still not convinced this look is for you? For other great western inspired looks check out these Fashionista/os from other college campuses:

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