TREND: The Working Girl

While I would love to say that I am lounging around this winter break, sipping hot chocolate and watching hours of reality television, I’m not. I’ll be sitting in front of my computer, tirelessly looking for the ideal internship this summer. I’ve perfected the resume, and the cover letter has substance…but what am I most worried about? The interview outfit, naturally. Luckily, the ladies of Northwestern have been impressing me lately with some go-getter type ensembles that just scream “Hire me!”

I ran into this Fashionista as she was getting off an elevator, fresh from an interview for a PR internship this summer at a fashion company. She was obviously in business attire, but in a way that didn’t include a usually standard skirt suit, and was in fact, very stylish. She had paired a neutral t-shirt, cardigan, and jersey blazer with green boyfriend slacks. Finishing that with some chunky military boots, she was ready to take on anything the interview brought on. Rolling up her pants, too, just gave a hint of youthful feeling to it, so as to not be too stuffy.

While there is not set standard for interviewing outfits, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish yourself from the college student and the working young-adult. Try adding little details, like this updated blazer from Elizabeth and James with some slouchier dress pants from Ports 1961. If you’re feeling a little more girly, a sweater dress, paired with an oxford, some fun tights, and oxford heels is a classic. Don’t worry about going too formal—dress to impress!

Hint: Even if you’re interview is more formal and (I’m talking to you, future financial analysts), put some fun heels with that pant suit. No reason you can’t know that you’re being stylish, even in a conservative environment!

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