TREND: Summer Boots

Okay, most of you probably glanced at the title of this post and wondered how the words "summer" and "boots" could possibly be put together in the same sentence. But honestly, who could argue the fact that a pair of sassy and stylish boots can complete almost any outfit? Many people associate boots with winter, snow, and warm wool jackets; however, boots can also be a very versatile fashion accessory in the warm summer months. Take this Fashionista, for instance, she sported a cotton navy blue sundress with a pair of rustic, brown leather boots. She accessorized with a silver chain necklace, a Coach tote, and topped off the look with a classic white hair ribbon. Her outfit totally reminds me of something that country star (and international phenomenon) Taylor Swift would wear. Not only is this look simple and perfect for the breezy summer weather, but it is also very polished. The boots add a little pizzazz to this Fashionista’s easy cotton sundress and give the outfit that “girl-next-door” type of vibe. You can mimic this simple and sassy ensemble by pairing these boots from Aldo with this sundress from J.Crew. If any of you Fashionistas are shopping on a budget (like me, unfortunately), try pairing those boots with this sweet summer dress from Forever 21. For accessories, try a flirty flower headband, like this one by Tasha. This look embodies that laid-back quality that all of us Midwestern girls represent!

As I mentioned above, the perfect celebrity to take tips from if you want to perfect this look is Taylor Swift. The country superstar basically patented this style as her own and it seems like she rocks a sweet pair of cowgirl boots whenever she gets the chance! Check out her ensemble in this photo. She looks almost ethereal, pairing her boots with a flowy white dress and a beaded headband. The look is girly without trying too hard, dressing up a pair of rustic boots with a simple sundress. Take a couple of tips from this Fashionista and Taylor Swift: Splurge on your very own pair of boots. Wear them with a sundress or a skirt, playing it up with a few key accessories. You don't have to wait for barn dance this fall to bust out your cowgirl boots. Make a statement this summer and wear a pair of your very own!


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TREND: Combat Boring Shoes

This Fashionista pairs a happy bright colored outfit with just the right amount of rocker rebel as she struts down the street with black lace-up boots. If it weren't for her fearless choice of footwear, this could be just another cute shirt tucked into skirt that we have been seeing a lot of this summer. Also, her skirt is slightly wrinkled which keeps the outfit from being too perfect.

The well worn black combat boots and red Rooney concert T-shirt add touch of backstage cool to this outfit. The demure royal blue plaid skirt is a perfect match for the edgy black boots. I like how she laces the shoes only halfway up, giving them a more laid back feel. Her choice of a bright blue skirt with a  bright red top energizes the the outfit with a shock of color, and keeps it feeling young. The bright colors are still tasteful because they are paired with a calmer mustard yellow slouchy leather bag and the previously mentioned black boots. She could easily wear this outfit this to a summer concert, local CD store, or a regular school day. I applaud this Fashionista on her fun and creative ensemble, reminding us to follow the beat of our own style.

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