TREND: Sneaky Stripes

Every spring and summer there is one trend that sneaks up on us and either quietly slithers back into our wardrobe like a garter snake in grass or blows in like a Florida hurricane.  Yep, sometimes this is a slow, gradual process, and other times it blasts in overnight.  What is this trend, you might be thinking.  Well, it's simple, and I’ll give you a hint.  Think nautical.

The warm, summer months are all about patterns and prints.  And one of the easiest, go-to prints for this season, and for most every season, is classic: stripes. Stripes are versatile. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can discover the look that suits you best. It is a trend for all sizes and ages, males and females, cats and dogs.  Stripes can be playful and flirtatious, or bold and tough.  They can be seen on loose, relaxed materials or more structured fabrics.  Vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, bright stripes, muted stripes, pinstripes, wide stripes: this trend knows no boundaries, making it an option for everyone.

This Fashionista donned a simple, yet chic ensemble.  Her slate blue and white striped top matched perfectly with her loose, casual skirt.  The buttons along the front of her skirt added just the right amount of detail for a clean, natural look.  The gray cardigan she wore completed her relaxed appearance.  And her brown, braided flip flops added a warm, fresh touch to the cool colored outfit.  

For a laid back look, similar to this Fashionista’s, try this navy and cream blouse.  The tie in front will add a little bit of spunk to an ordinary outfit.  If you’re in search of a bolder way to don this trend, I’d suggest these high-rise, striped, skinny jeans.  Pair them with a simple beige crop top and a long pendant necklace to provide some balance for such daring pants.  Don’t be afraid to shop the men’s section for striped T-shirts and cardigans, as well.  This crew neck T-shirt would look great tucked in to some high-waisted, distressed, denim shorts.

Hint: Accessorizing stripes is an effortless process.  My best advice is to either keep it simple or go for the gold (no pun intended).  If you’re not one for razzle dazzle, a simple gold necklace and your favorite watch will work. However, if you’re the type that is most often brazen in bling, then don’t change a thing.  Mix silver and gold or chunky and fine, and don’t be afraid to add some colors into the mix.  The more funk, the better.  Like I said, this look knows no boundaries, and accessorizing shouldn't either.

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