TREND: Thrift Shop Chic

Though summer is a time for students to make bank before heading back to class, all that saving can leave Fashionistas/Fashionistos without extra cash for clothes. However, this Fashionista knows how to save some dough and still get new digs. I caught her leaving one of  downtown Iowa City's many thrift/ resale stores. This Fashionista said most of what she was wearing was purchased from thrift stores. She pulled together several elements to create an ensemble which she called "bohemian rocker". The downtown gal paired a T-shirt and skinny jeans with a bold bohemian sun dress in purple. To add a little more rock to her wear she strapped on a skull and crossbones belt  and completed her ensemble with a pair of Converse tennis shoes. 

Hint: To take this outfit from rocker to simply bohemian try exchanging the tennis shoes for gladiators and the skull belt for an earthy brown one.

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